Snowboarding Across the United States

Over the years, snowboarding has become more and more popular. With its addition into the Winter Olympic Games, the sport has become something that everyday people can do in competition and in regular recreation. For those who are experts or amateurs looking to learn, here is a list of the best places to snowboard within the borders of the United States.

Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota

Mammoth Mountain

There are nine terrain parks, three half pipes, all spread out over one hundred acres of land at this snowboarding location. Clearly, the location lives up to its name of being mammoth. The best known run of Mammoth Mountain is called Hangman’s Hollow, which will give a snowboarder plenty of speed.


Known for being the first resort to allow the sport in 1983, Stratton shows itself to be more than just a historical place. There are four terrain parks at this location, which has become the host of Burton UD Open Snowboarding Championships every year.   

Big Sky

The lone snowboarding peak may be one of the best kept secrets of Montana. Surely, if it were someone in the Rocky Mountains or on the East Coast, the masses would have overtaken the resort by now. Here there are great rides with a little wait in between.

Having been to a variety of snowboarding resorts in his time, Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota

loves to get out on some fresh power and ride away the day. Not having a favorite, Duffy simply enjoys all of the mountains that he has the opportunity to ride.

North Dakota State University Continues to Grow

North Dakota State University was originally founded in 1890 as the North Dakota Agricultural College. Founded as a land grant institution, the university has been able to operate agricultural research on nearly nineteen thousand acres of land. Part of the North Dakota University System, this once small and humble university has changed into a growing, thriving university that boast plenty of students and programs for those students.

Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota

At the North Dakota State University, a student can choose from a wide range of majors and programs. The illustrious institution offers more than one hundred undergraduate majors, one hundred and seventy undergraduate degree programs, and nearly eighty minors, along with their 81 master’s degree programs. The strongly growing university has essentially any mainstream major and minor that their students could want.

The 21st century became a turning point for the university. In the year 2000, North Dakota State University surpassed the ten thousand enrolled mark. While they were still excited about hitting the mark, enrollment continued to grow. By the Fall Semester of 2009, the university hit nearly fifteen thousand students enrolled. With all of the growth happening, the University was able to make some much-needed upgrade to the facilities, athletic programs, and academia.

Keegan Andrew Duffy of Minnesota attended North Dakota State University during the staggering growth stages. Proud to be able to be a part of something historic for the Institute, Duffy took advantage of their programs by majoring in Construction Management and minoring in Business Administration. Duffy would graduate and leave the university in 2009.

A Short List of Great Places to Snowboard

Getting out and snowboarding is no longer for only those who can afford it. With snowboard resorts all over the country, there are plenty of places for people to go out and enjoy themselves. Why not try one of these parks:

Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota

Park City

This resort, which is located in Utah, has more than three thousand acres of ski and snowboard terrain with more than one hundred trails to enjoy. The host of the snowboarding Olympians of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games, this place is full of challenges for even the most advanced to enjoy. The best part about this resort is after Christmas the park is open for night rights for three months.

Squaw Valley

This location is yet another former Olympic stage. Host in 1960, Squaw Valley earned a reputation for being one of the toughest resorts in the country. Taking the sport of snowboarding to the next level, this park, located in California, took down its large half pipe and built a custom halfpipe, the Red Bull Cubed Pipe. Once can only see it to believe it.


Just outside of Salt Lake City, the Snowbird resort gets more than forty feet of snow annually. During the seasons of 03-04 and 04-05, Snowbird was named the best ski areas in the country by skiing magazine. Snowbird shares a valley with the Alta Ski Resort, so skiers can enjoy their own side while snowboarders enjoy theirs.

Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota thoroughly enjoys the thrill and rush that comes from snowboarding. Whenever the opportunity arises, Duffy is out on the fresh powder speeding down a hill, only to jump up and do it all over again.

W. P. Carey School of Business Origin Story

The W. P. Carey School of Business is the business school of Arizona State University. One of the largest business schools in America today, W. P. Carey has more than two hundred and fifty faculty on staff. The school as more than ten thousand undergraduate students and more than one thousand graduate students.

The W. P. Carey School of Business was named after William P. Carey, who donated fifty million dollars to the school in 2003, which at the time was the second highest single donation to any United States business school. The W. P. School of Business quickly became one of the top schools in the world and is currently ranked 22nd worldwide for business and economic academia. The School of Business of Arizona State University became internationally recognized for its faculty, research, services marketing, and supply chain management programs. 

Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota

Accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University has fostered many students’ progress towards entering the business world with success. Keegan Andrew Duffy of Minnesota is one of the fortunate students who graduated from this university.

Duffy graduated with his MS in Information Management in 2014. The W. P. Carey School of Business faculty are all proud of their graduates who are growing up to become leaders in their areas of business and across the world.

Five Tips for First Time Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial work requires dedication, passion, and certain spirit. Not everyone will be successful and not every idea will be received well. Learn from your mistakes, and you will become a better entrepreneur. Here are five tips that successful entrepreneurs have taken away the most from during their careers.

Take risks when the opportunity presents itself. Entrepreneurial work is all about taking risks, which is exciting and is why most entrepreneurs do what they do. Risk taking is a thrill that should exhilarate and will improve your overall work product.

Go onto Quora, which is a question-and-answer website, and answer as many questions as you can. Do this, so that in future years you can go back to Quora, look at your answers, and see how you’ve grown. It will be rewarding to see the improvements that you’ve made professionally.

Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota

Cold email as many people as you can. Do some research on how to cold email and who to cold email. You never what you will get back, which can either be incredibly rewarding, or unsuccessful, in which case you tried something out, and it didn't work, no harm done.

Keep an idea journal and keep a notepad and pencil handy. Write ten ideas down in your journal every night. Read over your notes from the day and write down anything and everything in your journal that you think is noteworthy.

Take advantage of networking opportunities as much as possible. This is an opportunity to gain a mentor, make new business connections, and learn from your people who have already succeeded.

Keegan Andrew Duffy was self-employed in Minnesota until recently. After he had graduated college, he started doing independent contract work under his company name, Duffy Contracting Company, in the manufacturing industry.

What it Takes to Be Self Employed Right Out of College

Self-employment is a more common way of generating income nowadays. There are certain benefits to self-employment, such as the fact that no one can fire you, that you set your schedule, and that there is lots of room for growth. However, you are the sole person responsible for ensuring that you can make an income; this is both good and bad. To successfully be self-employed, you need a certain set of skills.

You have to maintain an incredible amount of self-discipline. It is very easy to become distracted by other things going on around you while self-employed. You can easily get lunch with friends, watch TV, or procrastinate. While getting lunch with your friends is fine, you need to ensure that you schedule your day, set some goals for that day and stick to the schedule to accomplish your goals. Being self-disciplined and functioning without supervision is imperative to succeeding as a self-employed individual.

You also have to be able to sell yourself to new and current clients. This is not as simple as completing a job interview. This means that you have to maintain and manage relationships, convince potential clients that you are right for them on numerous occasions, and be prepared to deal with customer service yourself. Being a people’s person helps, as does being knowledgeable and skilled at what you do.

Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota was self-employed for four years in Minneapolis Minnesota. He was a contractor that provided management services primarily to the manufacturing industry. His company was called Duffy Contracting Company.

Big Data - The Wave of the Future

Throughout all industries, big data has become an extremely useful tool for companies. Today, almost all companies are tied to the Internet in some way. Even small, mom-and-pop operations have websites so that their customers can easily find them. The independently owned liquor store down the street appears on Google Maps. In the United States, most companies have websites or are at least accessible through the Internet in some way. Along with a more connected network of businesses across all industries in this country comes big data. Big data is the term given to any operation that involves the analysis of large amounts of information by powerful computers.

Large companies like Amazon and Google have been using big data to craft their services and tailor their products to customers as customers’ preferences and moods change in real time. Companies such as these have huge banks of computers churning through large amounts of data and creating product selections and individualized preferences for their users. More companies are catching on because they realize the power that analyzing large banks of user data over time. Even small companies that employ computing strength a fraction of what Amazon and Google use benefit greatly from the ability to tailor their services to constantly changing customer profiles.

Keegan Andrew Duffy of Minnesota is an Information Technology project manager who works as an independent contractor in Minneapolis. He has taken an interest in big data as his career has moved along, hoping to integrate his knowledge of this relatively new phenomenon into his work.

The Benefits of Self-Employment

There are many pros and cons of working as an independent contractor rather than as a full-time employee. Generally independent contractors make money by offering a skill that clients find valuable. If you can get training in a particular skill, writing Search Engine Optimized web content, for example, or as a construction project or technical manager, you can use it to make money for yourself without having to sign on to a company or get hired by an outside entity. While signing onto a company is a great option for most people just entering the job market for a number of reasons, working as an independent contractor creates an opportunity to use a skill more directly for your own benefit.

Independent contractors have the power to choose their own hours, their own assignments, and their own clients. They have no one to report to but themselves, and sometimes they can make more money on their own. In order to be a successful independent contractor in any capacity, however, you have to be able to create your own business and income. Developing contacts within any industry can take time and effort, and it could be some time before you can reliably work with a roster of clients. Independent contractors are usually also responsible for paying their own taxes that typically employers cover.

Keegan Andrew Duffy of Minnesota is an example of a successful independent contractor right out of college. Duffy had contacts in the technical project management field and was able to build a roster of clients to work for.

Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota

Arizona State University’s Flexible Graduate Program

Arizona State University has a world-renowned graduate school program. Whether students want to earn an MBA or other Master’s Degree, Arizona State has the programs for all kinds of professionals who want to improve their training and their education. Now offering online classes for working professionals, ASU brings top-notch graduate education to anyone’s home. The entire curriculum is designed for those with busy jobs and lives. Each course is challenging and allows students to put their newfound skills to good use in real-life situations. For those who are looking for an excellent master’s education while they work full time, Arizona State University is the digital place for them.

Keegan Andrew Duffy Minnesota
The W.P. Carey MSIM program at Arizona State University is perfectly suited for the working professional who wants to earn a Master’s degree and improve their professional prospects. The curriculum features a hands-on approach, and its no-nonsense style puts its students into the next level of professionalism. With degrees in Information Technology and Business, the W.P. Carey MSIM program has developed a large number of successful businessmen and women who are prepared to succeed in the fast-paced business world. Now fully online, the MSIM program at the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU prepares the next generation of professionals for the real world.

Keegan Andrew Duffy of Minnesota graduated from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business online in 2014. He is now a sought-after IT professional with the skills and experience to back up his sparkling reputation as a high-powered business player.